"...Mary Feminear in the title role, [of Semele...is] a standout singer and performer, delivering the no less than nine varied and difficult arias with aplomb and some remarkable vocal fireworks."



Mary Feminear as Semele was beguiling, with a voluminous soprano that was bold, rich, and nuanced. She displayed technical virtuosity paired with versatile acting and created a Semele that was sympathetic despite her greedy ambition to rise above her status. The heroine's hubris at presuming to be more than "human can be a real turn-off, but even when narcissistically singing "Myself I Shall Adore," Feminear somehow kept her character winningly relatable."


                                             -    OMAHA WORLD-HERALD

"Mary Feminear’s interpretation of Agnès was the standout performance...Her voice is rich and bright, and she made magic with her long notes, spinning them out, transforming them, turning them to gold. Her duet with the King was breathtaking – touched with real emotion... "



                                                                       -  BACHTRACK

"Mary Feminear's soprano voice is such a beautiful discovery. Its flexibility, extension and freshness make her Nannetta, who bears nicely on stage, a real treat."


                                                       -  FORUM OPERA

"A stand out as the feisty Pamina... with luminous vocal beauty."


                   -     MUSICAL AMERICA

"Mary Feminear...as Pamina...demonstrated not only amazing versatility but also a voice of remarkable size and brilliance."


"Magnificent and artful in her full-voiced delivery"



                                         -     OREGON ARTS WATCH

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